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  "Bringing interior sophistication to any space."

 The concept of OMT. | OneMoreThing 

// Everything is out on display, the latest crown jewels are no longer hidden, a big farewell wave... and then a twitch. A glint of evil. A smile. And Steve Jobs turns back to the crowd, a theatrical moment of forgetfulness has passed. "One more thing..." as the crowd goes wild. // 
Ewan Spence,


Always fascinated by Jobs' infamous "One more thing" surprise, OMT. | OneMoreThing offers that delightful mix of interior surprises inspired by a wide variety of cultures, designs and travels. We house a collection of furniture, interior objects, and decorations carefully sourced from all around the world. There is always one more thing for your home.

Meet the Founder

Born and raised in Hong Kong and is currently residing in Ireland with her Irish husband Philip, our Founder Vivian Mckendry decided to take on a journey during the pandemic to start her very own business – an online store that houses a collection of interior decorations, furniture and everblooms dried and preserved flowers. 

Vivian developed her profound love for flowers since she was very young. As soon as she discovered the art of dried floral arrangement, she fell in love with the concept of creating sustainable everlasting floral designs, displays and installations. With her expansive events and projects management experience in Asia and Ireland, she runs floral workshops, showcases and sells her creations online and creates bespoke designs and installations. This is her way to keep connected to the natural world and to season’s past through her dried floral art. 

Vivian also has years of experience working as project manager in building and setting up fine-dining restaurants, luxury entertainment and hospitality venues in Hong Kong and China, from interior design, to furniture and fixture sourcing, financial consulting and opening events. Over the course of many travels to numerous exotic countries in Asia and Europe, her love for natural materials, forms and exquisite finds led to the foundation of OMT. | OneMoreThing.
As she encountered numerous challenges to source quality and stylish furniture when she and her husband were fitting out their first house in Dublin, she decided to pursue her dream to bring and offer quality interior treasures to a range of like-minded audience in Ireland and Europe.