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When Is the Best Time to Book Your Wedding Florist? Tips for a Blooming Celebration with Lasting Memories

woman in wedding gown holding a dried flower bouquet, man in suit
Photo credit: @olgahoganphotography
Dried & preserved flower bouquet & buttonhole:

Planning your dream wedding involves making numerous important decisions, and one of the key choices that sets the tone for your special day is selecting the perfect wedding florist. OMT. | One More Thing specializes in creating stunning dried and preserved flowers that not only add beauty to your wedding but can also be cherished as keepsakes long after the celebration. Join us as we guide you on the best time to book your wedding florist, ensuring your celebration blooms with beauty and lasting memories.

  1. Start Early to Secure Your Dream Florist:
    To ensure your preferred wedding florist is available and can cater to your specific needs, it's essential to start your search and booking process well in advance. Aim to secure your wedding florist at least 12 months before your big day, allowing ample time to discuss your vision and ensure availability.

  2. Consider Peak Wedding Seasons:
    Peak wedding seasons, such as spring and summer, are in high demand for wedding florists. To avoid disappointment and secure your dream florist, consider booking even earlier, around 12 to 18 months in advance if your wedding date falls within these seasons. Early booking allows you to secure your preferred florist and ensure personalized attention.

  3. Research and Consultation:
    Begin your search by researching wedding florists that specialize in dried and preserved flowers, like OMT | One More Thing. Take the time to review their portfolios and explore the unique arrangements they offer. Once you've narrowed down your choices, schedule consultations to discuss your vision, budget, and how dried and preserved flowers can create a lasting impression.

  4. Flexibility in Flower Choices:
    Dried and preserved flowers offer a wide range of beautiful options, regardless of the season. Consult with your florist regarding the availability of specific blooms during your wedding month. Remaining flexible with your flower choices allows your florist to create stunning arrangements that perfectly suit your style while ensuring the longevity of your floral keepsakes.

  5. Finalize Details and Download Our Pricing Guide:
    After selecting your wedding florist, finalize all the details and sign a contract to ensure a seamless collaboration. At OMT | One More Thing, we offer a comprehensive pricing guide that provides transparency and helps you plan your budget. Download our pricing guide from the link below to gain insights into our services and packages:

Booking your wedding florist in a timely manner ensures that you secure your dream florist and create a celebration filled with beauty and lasting memories. With OMT | One More Thing's expertise in dried and preserved flowers, your wedding will not only be stunning but also leave you with cherished keepsakes. Start the journey towards your unforgettable wedding by downloading our pricing guide and discovering the possibilities.

Contact us today to discuss your vision and let us bring your dream wedding to life with our exquisite dried and preserved flowers.

Download our pricing guide from the link below and begin planning your blooming celebration today:

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