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2024 Wedding Flower Trends that Will Make Your Heart Flutter!

bride and bridesmaid in dark green dress holding preserved flowers bouquets

Photo credit: Miss Aoife Rice
Preserved flower bouquets:

Hello, lovely couples!

As we waltz into the magical world of weddings in 2024, we're beyond excited to spill the petal-perfect tea on the freshest trends in the floral scene. And guess what's stealing the limelight? Preserved flowers – the everlasting darlings that keep the love alive long after the vows are exchanged. So, grab your floral crowns and let's dive into the most delightful wedding trends of the year!

1. Everlasting Charm:
Picture this: a bouquet that stays as vibrant as your love story for years on end! Preserved flowers are bringing the fairy tale to life with their everlasting charm. These blooms are like the cupids of the floral world, making sure your love stays fresh and blooming, just like your wedding day memories.

2. Seasonal Flowers:
Who said you can't have your favorite flowers if they're not in season? Not in 2024! Preserved flowers are the ultimate rebels, letting you have that summer sunflower or winter wonderland bloom whenever you say "I do." Because who needs to be bound by the rules when you're creating your own love story?

3. Color Your Love:
Love comes in all shades, and so do preserved flowers! Whether you're dreaming of a pastel paradise or a bold burst of color, these floral wonders are your canvas. Get ready to paint your wedding day in the hues that scream 'you' because, in 2024, it's all about personalizing your love story!

4. Earth-Loving Romance:
Green weddings are the new black, and preserved flowers are the eco-friendly heroes stealing the show. Join the environmental romance movement by choosing blooms that not only make your heart skip a beat but also keep Mother Earth smiling. Who knew being eco-conscious could be this fabulous?

5. Blooms that Play Dress-Up:
Preserved flowers are the chameleons of the floral world! From bouquets that pop to funky centerpieces and quirky boutonnieres – these blooms are up for any style challenge. Your wedding, your rules! Let your creativity run wild and let the preserved flowers steal the spotlight in your very own floral fashion show.

So, as you plan your big day in 2024, remember that the floral game is strong, and preserved flowers are here to sprinkle some everlasting magic. Get ready for a wedding that's not just a day but a bloomin' adventure, filled with petals that promise to make your hearts skip a beat, over and over again. Here's to love that lasts as long as your favorite flower – forever and a day! 🌸💕

Ready to turn your wedding dreams into a floral fairytale? Send us your wedding details and your florist's wish list to, and let's make your big day bloom in style! 🌺✨

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